Frequently Asked Questions

How to receive the PDF files ?

For each order you will receive an email with your download links as soon as the payment is finalized. You can also download your products directly in your customer account in the tab "My orders". Your files are downloadable for 30 days from the date of purchase. You receive a file in .zip format that you can open on MAC or PC either by double-clicking on it or by downloading the required software at this address (it is normally installed as standard on current operating systems) : This .zip file contains all the useful documents that you can then extract and copy wherever you want on your computer: the different formats of the pattern sheet + the notice(s). All the documents are in PDF format (see next question to discover all the functionalities present in Kandix PDFs).

How to use the PDF patterns and instructions ?

STEP 1: open PDFs
To open your PDF files and have access to all the functions of the documents, you must use a dedicated software capable of managing layers and bookmarks.
You can choose between one of the two free software below in complete peace of mind:
STEP 2: using PDF patterns
You can now open your PDF files by double-clicking on them. The A4 US Letter format is designed for family printers. The A0 format must be printed at a professional printer, it avoids the step of assembling A4 sheets. For the pattern, you have access to the layers function which allows you to select for printing only the desired size or sizes. This saves ink on the one hand and, on the other hand, it saves time when cutting the pieces. To use the layers function, click on the "layers" icon located in the menu on the left and then uncheck the sizes you do not want to print (in the example below, only the size 5 years has been kept for printing). Keep the layers named "Info" checked for printing, they contain all the important information for the assembly of the pattern and the use of the pieces. STEP 3: using PDF manuals
PDF records are not intended to be printed but to be viewed on a computer or tablet. This is why they are very detailed and full-color pages. They complement the videos. You have 2 important options in the Kandix PDF notices. The first one is the bookmarks which allow you to go directly to the step you are interested in. The second is clickable links that allow you to be directly redirected to elements of the site or videos. These links materialize in 2 ways:
. as soon as you have a word or a group of words in red, you can click on it.
. you can also click on the chapters to be referred directly to the corresponding passage in the video

How to print a PDF pattern ?

Once you have chosen the desired size or sizes, you can print your pattern. To do so, proceed in several steps. STEP 1: set up the print settings
To print, make sure to be 100%, and to PRINT IN REAL SIZE, WITHOUT SCALING only page 1 first. STEP 2: verification before final printing
On the printed page 1, check that the test square is 5 cm x 5 cm. STEP 3: printing the pattern
If the printing of page 1 is correct, you can then start printing the other sheets. Now refer to the next question to see how to assemble the pattern.

How to assemble a PDF pattern ?

To assemble the sheets of your pattern together, cut (or fold if you prefer) along the cut lines at the bottom right (there is no need to cut/fold the other sides for assembly). Once you have finished preparing your sheets, assemble them with tape, referring to the assembly plan in the manual. Then you just have to cut your pattern pieces directly and off you go for sewing! NB: It is possible that you may notice small gaps between sheets at the time of assembly, this is due to family printers that lack precision. If this is the case, make sure that the cutting lines of the parts coincide rather than the marks.

When will there be new patterns available?

Kandix is in the very early stages. It is a micro-enterprise that is individually managed. Everything is done at home, between my other job as a graphic designer and the day-to-day management. After the release of the Cylia dress pattern, I didn't work on a third pattern but on a whole collection in order to optimize my production time. I would be hard pressed to give you a release date, as I'm doing all this in my spare time (whether it's the patterns themselves, the sewing of the prototypes but also all the accompanying tutorials) and unfortunately the days only count 24 hours... So all of this will happen when I am happy with the result ♥ Candice